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Autumn '22 collection in interior decoration.

It seems that the eclectic and fun style of the 70s is back. Bright colours, the use of recycled materials, wallpapers painted with abstract and vibrant prints, vintage objects and the presence of abundant vegetation are some of the 'must' of the next season and they are here to stay.


In terms of design, this is a trend that takes as its starting point the benefits of human connection and interaction with natural environments. Lately, the need to reconnect with nature in our homes has become more evident.

If we transfer this trend to interior architecture and design, we can apply it to shapes, materials, the prominence of plants in any of the rooms, earth tones, the use of neutral colours and green details.

This trend has a strong sustainable component, not only because of the materials used (fibres, water, stone, wood...), but also because of the presence and prominence of handmade materials.

PET trend

This trend is based on the use of the recycled material polyethylene terephthalate and is one of the favourite materials in the sector at the moment for both interior and exterior decoration. It consists of fibres obtained from recycled plastic bottles or recovered from the ocean.

This material is mainly used for the manufacture of textiles, which are very resistant and therefore also suitable for outdoor use.

This trend is intended to show that design should not only be beautiful and functional, but also environmentally friendly.

Colourful furniture

In addition to being in vibrant colours, if they are metallic, all the better. We can find lockers, shelves... It is what we have always called industrial style, but far from those greyish and rusty tones. The positive and economical aspect of this trend is that if you already have some of this furniture, you can paint it yourself and you will have a trendy piece of furniture as a result.

They are very versatile decorative elements, they are easy to transport in case you get bored and want to move it to another room and give it another use, or change the colour when you get bored. They are a 'must' for lovers of colour and daring and eclectic decoration.

Rooms with their own personality

After the pandemic, we have been forced to make the walls of the rooms more than just plain coloured walls. Wallpapers with soft and abstract prints inspired by geometry are a 'must'. Those with an organic approach to the simple shapes of our planet tend to triumph; lines, curves, layers and impossible textures in a palette that connects you with nature.

Recycling objects, supporting sustainability

The conjunction of restored and vintage pieces with modern spaces brings an eclectic yet elegant style. It is a very fashionable trend in Parisian rooms or restored premises and homes in Barcelona. These projects are based on respecting the origin of the space. One of the combinations that works best is the mixture of striking fabric and ceramic lamps, restored mid-century furniture, a mix of fabrics and prints, and neutral colours, which make the space cosy with touches of colour.

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