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Interior design vs. interior decoration, which is which?

In general, and the most important difference between these two concepts is the knowledge and skills needed to carry them out. The studies required for each of these two professions are very different from each other. These two concepts are easily confused.

What is interior design and what does it entail?

An interior design professional has been trained in architectural concepts that will help him or her understand the physical space and interior structure of any building. In addition, it is quite common for them to have acquired some knowledge of psychology. In this way, he or she will be able to approach the interior design of a building in the right way, playing with the client's preferences and needs, and the possibilities of the space.

In addition, an interior designer is in charge of space management. As main objectives, he or she has to optimize the structure of the space and think about its functionality.

The figure of the interior designer is in charge of designing any change related to the structure of the space to be worked on. Any work that requires the modification of the walls, changes in the lighting system or small arrangements must be supervised by the interior designer.

The professional may consider the colours and textures to be used in the decoration of the project, even if this is not his or her priority. This will be done with the aim of creating the design proposal for a specific public.

What does interior decoration consist of?

The work of a decorator begins once the structure of the space to be treated has been defined. This is the big difference between one profession and another.

Decorating a space involves choosing the different pieces of furniture and accessories that will form part of it.

Another difference between interior design and interior decoration is that interior design combines the initial management of the space with creativity. Decoration, on the other hand, uses creativity to bring aesthetic value to the final appearance of an interior space.

Decoration consists of arranging the furniture, choosing the final colours and textures of the textile elements to be used. It also determines the most suitable light fittings for each interior space. Once the elements have been chosen, you must make sure that they all combine with each other and that the final result makes sense.

Complementary poles that go perfectly together

Although there are obvious differences between interior decoration and interior design, the two professions complement each other perfectly. In most cases, the work of an interior designer needs the collaboration of a decorator, and vice versa.

The difference between interior design and decoration is simple. Interior design requires knowledge of basic architecture, experience in organizing and experience in managing spaces. Decoration, on the other hand, is based on bringing aesthetic value to interior spaces, using creativity and innovation.

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