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Master Makers Awards is the manifesto and the call to action of all the people with disruptive ideas who dare to break the rules of the game. It is an initiative to give recognition and encourage those designs that propose and resolve the space in an original, novel and never-before-seen way. We are not looking for a pretty design, we are looking for a unique design that is based on a experiential concept.

There are lack of VISIBILITY and OPPORTUNITIES. There are too many rigidities and limitations. We want to show the world that in addition to dreamers, it is also full of makers.

We bring the opportunity to unleash your imagination, if you bring a crazy idea... make it happen!

New living experiences

Directed professionals and new talents in architecture, interior design or design in general.
To anyone who is capable of creating a space with which it is impossible to remain indifferent, a hotel interior design for travelers and not for tourists.

This first edition tries to create new experiences in the sectorglamping. 

Participants are tasked with creating a collection of four guest houses to be located in a glamping facility.

The “accommodation” complex will have to be sustainable and environmentally conscious.

You will find all the necessary information below in the contest rules or here.



Deadline inscription


Deadline of
project delivery


Publication of finalists


Jury decision and delivery of awards

Awards and jury

The first position will be chosen by a jury made up of great professionals in the sector and awarded with €2,500+ merchandising + promotion in RRSS and publication of the project on our website. The jury will be revealed soon. ​There will also be; special makers award chosen by the technical team of Master Makers €500+ merchandising + promotion in RRSS and publication of the project on our website.

How to take part?

You just have to fill in the registration form that you will find below next to the competition rules.

They contain all the necessary information for you to make the decision, which we hope is yes... because we can wait to see what you have prepared!

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