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1. Can we choose the location of the intervention?

  • Yes, you can choose the location. This can be a real or made-up location. Said location must be in one of the following environments: sea, forest, desert or mountain area, which responds to the described program. 


2. Do I have to follow the program described?


Yes, at least the indicated spaces must appear:

  • Common areas (reception area, office for 4 people and dining room). This area will be independent of the accommodation. (Its location will be the decision of the participants) Area: 200 – 300 m2.

  • 4 independent accommodations each guest house will have a bedroom and toilet. Total area: 35 – 70 m2/accommodation. Take into account the connections and paths between each accommodation. It will be the participant's choice to propose an independent plot for each accommodation. This can have an outdoor jacuzzi, dining room or whatever each participant considers.


3. Can you opt for a delivery format other than the one indicated?

  • No, the delivery format must be the same for all participants.

Participants must submit two A2 sheets in horizontal format in PDF (must not exceed 10 MB).


4. Should the documentation that is described appear on the sheets, in the scale that is indicated?

  • No, the documentation indicated, as well as the presentation scale are suggestions. Each participant is free to deliver the documentation they consider at the scale they deem to explain their project. We recommend

sketches, renderings, plans, elevations, sections, diagrams, diagrams and/or any other presentation tool necessary to explain the project.


5. Will the level of definition and detail of each proposal be assessed?

  • It will not be decisive, as long as the sustainability objectives and solutions for each proposal are clear.


6. Is there a deadline for delivery for each date described?


  • Yes, for each date (registration date, questions sent and proposals received) the cut-off time is 23:59.

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